10 Digital Marketing Email Templates for 2024 (2024)

Over 330 billion emails are sent every day.Which helps explain why most of our inboxes look like a battlefield. When most of your prospects are using email, they’re bombarded with emails from their bank, their work, their family and (believe it or not) other marketers.

So how do you stand out with creative digital marketing emails? And secondly, how do you do it at scale so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel? Simple — using email templates.

Here are 10 digital marketing email templates that you can start using today:

1. Flash Sale

Subject Line: Thank you!

Hi (name)

I just wanted to say thank you for being a loyal subscriber. You mean the world to us! As a token of our thanks, I’d like to offer you a 40% discount on (product) 3 days from now.

Here’s the link where you can claim your 40% discount: (link)

P.S. – The sale ends 3 days from now, so don’t miss out!

Why it works

Quite simply, urgency is powerful. The idea of missing out on a great discount is enough to get people to get off the fence and take action. When you couple that with taking them, you’re also showing kindness and appreciation.

2. I Noticed You

Subject Line: Find what you were looking for?

Hi (name)

I noticed you were just checking out our sale page. But then for some reason you didn’t take the next step.

Just wanted to ask if you found all the information you were looking for? Was there a tech glitch?

Please let me know so we can get you started on your journey of trna login your (problem)!

Why it works

You never know why someone didn’t pull the trigger and buy your product or service — unless you ask of course. Who knows, they may have had one simple question. Now that you’re reaching out to them personally, you could overcome their concerns and bring them on as clients.

3. X People Can’t Be Wrong

Subject Line: 1,000 people can’t be wrong

Hi (name)

1,000 satisfied customers can’t be wrong, can they? Since starting our digital marketing agency in 2014, we’ve helped so many people transform their results, and they can’t stop talking about it!

So I ask you, if they got (result) — don’t you think it’s possible you could too?

Check out how to get started at this link today.

Why it works

The reality is that no one can have complete certainty in your service until they’re experiencing it. Up until then, they rely on other indicators, such as social proof. When you put the numbers of happy customers right in front of them, it increases their willingness to go with your digital marketing services sooner rather than later.

4. While Supplies Last

Subject Line: Limited supply — Act now

Hey (name)

We’ve got a limited number of free marketing evaluations left this year. Please book your slot before they’re all gone.

I don’t want you to lose the opportunity to add 20, 40, or even 100% more revenue to your bottom line this year.

Talk soon!

Why it works

There are two primary ways to create scarcity. You can put a hard deadline on your offer, or you can make your offer limited in supply. The second option makes it feel like a gold rush to grab the chance before others take their spot.

5. Free Case Study

Subject Line: Free Case Study for (name)

Hi (name)

I recently created a case study detailing how we took (client) from (previous situation) to (new, exciting reality) in (time frame).

You can check it out here! (link)

It will be more than worth your time, and you’ll learn some valuable tricks that apply to any business, not just (client) or (industry).

Claim your free case study now right here: (link)

Why it works

First of all, everyone loves something for free. And case studies are all the rage right now. Plus, it lets you get in under the radar. If you say “watch my video sales letter” it’s probably not going to resonate as strongly.

6. Testimonial Shower

Subject Line: Wow! Look at what people are saying


For the last 3 years we’ve worked tirelessly to perfect (method) — and I always knew it would be effective for clients. But nothing could have prepared me for the wave of gratitude I felt when I saw SO MANY positive responses from it.

For example: (List 5 to 10 testimonials if possible).

Wow. Well, don’t take it from me, take it from our clients.

And if you want similar results, feel free to reach out for a call here: (link).

Why it works

In a previous template we talked about the power of social proof. One way to achieve that is by listing the pure amount of people you have helped. The other way is to provide exact words right from the mouth of your clients — if you stack them up one after one in the same email, it can really pack a punch.

7. Damaging Admission

Subject Line: It’s true

Hi (name),

I have to admit — it’s all true. Over the years of serving our clients and helping them dial in their digital marketing, some of them have not gotten the best results.

In fact, there is no way to guarantee success. See, I can’t guarantee you’ll do your part, you’ll take our advice, or that you have a product that’s actually valuable to your market.

But what I can guarantee is that if you have a great product, great customer service, and a good work ethic — we can help you with the right digital marketing strategy to scale your business and increase your bottom line.

If that doesn’t scare you off, why don’t you reach out and book a call so you can learn what that might look like for you?

Why it works

When we make a damaging admission or otherwise point out a potential flaw, it actuallys gives us more trust and credibility. It shows that you are confident in what you do, and authentic about the results you are providing.

8. Rags to Riches

Subject Line: From (rags) to (riches)

Hi (name)

I started my digital marketing firm from my mom’s basem*nt. And I was looking for pocket change to be able to afford ramen noodles. So believe me when I say I understand what it’s like to not have the success you want in your business.

After months of trial and error, I finally found a formula that transformed my online business and of course my entire life. Instead of living in mom’s basem*nt, I bought mom a house.

Want to learn the 3-step framework that took a humble guy like me from basem*nt dweller to digital marketing Baron? Click here (link).

Why it works

Rags to riches is a story framework that humans love. In terms of digital marketing, it works because you are relatable. Your prospects are probably not living their dream life yet. By showing them you have gone through struggles, they get to know you and like you more. Plus, if YOU can do it, it means they can too.

9. Can I Ask Your Opinion?

Subject Line: Can I ask your opinion on something?

Hi (name),

I hope this email finds you well. I would REALLY love your feedback on something.

We recently launched our (unique name / formula) and it’s taken our private clients from less than $100,000 per year to over $1 million per year 80% of the time.

I want to get it into a small number of hands who aren’t our clients, to see how it works on someone brand new. Would you please download it and give me your opinion?

Why it works

This works particularly well for prospects who have not bought anything yet. They can feel like they’re part of the inner circle, without actually having to pay anything. Of course, the asset that you’re giving them access to acts like a sales funnel, driving them to a phone call or paid product at the end.

10. Avoid This Mistake

Subject Line: Do NOT do this in your marketing

Howdy (name),

Whatever you do, there is one thing you should AVOID at all costs when it comes to marketing your business.

If you make the mistake of doing this, it could result in upset clients, declining revenue, and a lot of other bad stuff.

Click here to see what you should NEVER do, no matter what, when marketing your business.

Why it works

Going toward a positive goal is a great motivator. But avoiding pain or disaster is even more powerful. If your subscribers are looking for marketing help, they’ll want to know the crucial things to avoid as much as the right actions to take. Plus, when you save them from mistakes, their opinion of you shoots through the roof.


When it comes to building your digital marketing business, email is still the best platform. Hundreds of billions of emails is enough to know that email marketing is definitely not dead by any means.

However, in order to stand out from the competition, you need to play the numbers game while taking a unique approach. Use this arsenal of digital marketing email templates to get in front of more customers, increase email open rates, and ultimately convert them into raving fans of your business.

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10 Digital Marketing Email Templates for 2024 (2024)


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